Crises are a constant of modern society

Crises include: wars, events caused by natural disasters, technical and technological accidents, diseases, migrations, economic downturns, etc. The common determinant of all these events are the negative consequences for man and the social community. Crises are not an expression of the will of "higher powers" nor are they events without a cause. Every event and phenomenon in nature has a cause, principles of development and mode of action. Managing crisis situations means knowing these three factors.

RASEC gathers human and material potentials, in order, above all, to develop awareness of the need to create a knowledge base on various phenomena and events, to create conditions for knowledge exchange from various areas of social life, to influence prevention and response in case of crisis.

Since crises know no borders between countries, our goal is to promote security at the local level, through the state and regional to the global. Only in this way can we ensure that we quickly provide mutual assistance in the event of major accidents. The most important part of crisis management is education. Through various knowledge transfer systems, we provide various types of training, seminars, conferences and other types of training in the field of crisis management.