Security is an imperative of the modern age

Being safe means living in an environment where there is no danger. The imperative is total-complete security. History testifies to us that the times that are behind us are full of suffering, danger and uncertainty. The development of human society generates new, unknown dangers. The low level of knowledge about them shows that in the future there will be circumstances in which there will be negative effects on humans and the environment .;

The fact that it is difficult or even impossible to achieve total security requires us to find ways to influence events in order to reduce destructive action. The solution is in risk management. The very fact that we are aware that dangers exist everywhere in the environment makes them challenging for us. Challenging in terms of knowing why a phenomenon is dangerous and how it can affect humans and the environment.

Finding out that something is potentially dangerous and that can have a negative effect on man and the environment and take measures to reduce that negative impact is called risk management. Creating knowledge about the world around us is a basic premise of security, so it is necessary to permanently acquire scientific and professional knowledge in order to get to know the phenomena and predict the occurrence and development of negative events.

Today, managing risk means being safer.